Stocks Down. More Job Losses Eminent. What’s Your Plan B?

by Joel on November 19, 2008

Today the Dow dropped below 8,000. Not good. I predict that more job loses are around the corner. Almost weekly, I’m getting calls from friends who have recently lost their jobs…..some who have worked for over 16 years at some companies.

What is your plan B?

That is a question that most people need to ask themselves right now. Back in 2002, I lost my job 3 times in a 9-month period! It was after the second lay-off that I started working on my plan B.

I was so tired of some “company” telling me if I was getting a paycheck or not that month……so I put plans into motion.

I started selling stuff on eBay……I’ll go into more detail about that someday……but this was the stepping stone to other Internet related ventures…… AdWords, Digital Products, Affiliate programs…..and others.

I think everyone needs a plan B. Even if it is not Internet-related……get one.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Sell on EBay. You can still make a good income doing this. Start out selling your old junk then branch out and start acting like a store….find stuff for cheap and sell it for more. Attend trade-shows and source products. DON’T buy any of these scammy eBay CDs you see on TV. Those are just lead gen tools to get you to buy into expensive coaching.

2. Learn Affiliate marketing. Ya, there is a lot to that. Start with Clickbank but beware of the scammy products. The first ebook I read about affiliate marketing was by Rosalind Gardner…. Great book……was then… now. There are others out there.

3. Mini Sites. This is affiliate marketing but a little different. You have more control on what you push. The key is to build REAL sites. Not fake spammy sites. In January, I’m launching a training system to show anyone how to launch hundreds and eventually thousands of mini sites.

4. Network Marketing. This won’t bring you immediate income but those who as many say, “Build The Business” and stick to it…..can make a ton of money in the long run. You have to be the right type of person for this. I think the current statistics are, you have to sign up 23 reps to find someone like you……could be higher. I’m not going to recommend any companies here…. I’ll leave that for another day.

Those are just a few….. there are a lot more.

No matter what age or skill level…. you should have a plan B.

Joel Peterson

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