Special Pre-Launch Of “The Webinar Income System” December 15th

by Joel on December 13, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Many of you know I’m launching my “Webinar Income System”  and new webinar  service in January.

…well I’ve had several people begging to get in early so I’ve decided to do a one time webinar this Wednesday to let a few people get in early.

The webinar is titled:

“5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money With Webinars”

Wednesday, December 15th at…

9pm Eastern
8pm Pacific
7pm Central
6pm Pacific

Check Time Where You Live


Join me as I share with you five proven strategies to make money with webinars.

Come and learn…

…How to make more money in a few hours than most people make in a month or even in a year!  (I’ll show you several real life case studies.)

… How to start a webinar business without even having to speak publicly or even talk into a microphone. (Hint.  I’ll teach you how to get other people to do it for you.)

… How to become a Webinar Promotion Manager and walk away with 50% of all the “Deals” you put together. (I’ll show you a case study of one of my students who is already making 5 figures a month and he barely just got started.)

… Five different ways to make money with webinars that hardly ANYONE is doing. (Hint. Some of these methods can help you start making money in just a few weeks or less.)

… Learn how you can run webinars on Auto Pilot. (I’ll show you how I did $17,488 in sales on a 90 minute webinar while I was actually vacationing down in Costa Rica having the time of my life.)

This will be the most informative and life-changing webinar you will ever attend!

Last April, I held a Webinar Bootcamp where people paid up to $5,000 each to attend.  I’m going to share many of the secrets I taught on this webinar… and it’s absolutely free for you.

Make sure you are at least 10 minutes early because this webinar will fill to capacity!

See you on the webinar,

Joel Peterson


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