What I Do On A Monday……

by Joel on November 18, 2008

So two weeks ago…..on the spur of the moment, my good buddy Dave Frey and my little brother called me up and BEGGED me to take them fishing on my houseboat down at Lake Powell.

So guess what? We went…..

That Monday morning, we loaded up the boat and headed down for a three day fishing trip!

Here we are having a great time….

So why was I able to head down to the lake on a Monday morning when most people are waking up to go to a J.O.B?

Internet marketing.

In my opinion, it is the BEST way to make money….period.

In fact, I was at my dentist today for a 6 month checkup……(no cavities…..yea me!). When I was all done, my dentist (who is a great, hardworking guy) said he wanted to go to lunch with me to find out what I do for a living.

So how do you get started? Listen to people who KNOW what they are doing. Subscribe to newsletters…… Read as much material as you can get your hands on……and (GULP) actually do something and go out of your comfort zone!

More to follow later on….

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