How I turn 60 minutes into 20 minutes…

by Joel on September 15, 2009

Today I wanted to share two resources with you.  These are tools
that I use every day in my business.  One costs money but is worth
every penny and the other is free.

The First Tool Is:

Enounce Myspeed
This utility lets you speed up the play back of most online videos.
Now you can watch a 60 minute online training video in 20 minutes
or whatever playback speed you choose.  I watch a lot of online
videos and this one tool saves me hours every month.  If you watch
any kind of videos online this is a “Must Have” tool.

They have a free 30 day demo on their site and after that it’s $29.
Well worth the price and NO I don’t get an affiliate commission if
you buy. 🙂

The Second Tool Is:

“Top 160 WordPress Plugins”
This is more of a resource than a tool.  If you use WordPress you
need to see this list of plugins.  With thousands of plugins out
there for WordPress, this to me is the “Best Of The Best” in my

If you are new to WordPress, it’s a tool that lets you create your
own “Blogs” which is just a fancy name for a website.  You can
install WordPress on your own server or use the hosted solution.

Just go to: – Install yourself – They host for you.

I’d love to to know what tools you like to use to be more
productive in your business

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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