Time To Come Clean About Something

by Joel on October 12, 2010

Ok. Time for a confession…

Many of you have been asking me about the new WebinarGo.com webinar
system I’ve been using. People want to know where they can get it
or how they can start using it.

Well… here is the deal…

WebinarGo.com is me. I own it. It’s a service my team has
secretly been working on since last spring. Right now we are
finishing up the beta testing process before we roll out.

Yesterday’s “Cool Tools Webinar” was run on WebinarGo.com and
frankly we had some mixed results….mostly positive and a few

– Most people were able to connect fine. From the survey results
we received they loved the new service.

– Some people had problems connecting. Grrrrr – We are fully
aware of it had are working on the issues. Anyone familiar with
software development knows when you start your first public beta
tests you will always run into issues. We are on top of it.

I know your time if very valuable to you so I know it totally
stinks when you try to connect to a webinar and it doesn’t work.
For those of you that responded indicating you could not connect…
make sure you check your inbox, I have instructed my team to give
you a free gift. 🙂

I will also make sure that I make a replay of yesterday’s webinar
so you don’t miss out if you tried to connect.

So a few things….

1. Why did I make my own webinar service?
2. Another webinar on Wednesday.

Why did I make my own webinar service?

In July of 2009 I started a new division of my company focusing only
on webinars. It’s been one of the most exciting and profitable moves
I’ve ever made.

Last April I held a Bootcamp at my office for 12 students who paid
up to $5,000 where I taught them my formula for starting a webinar
business. Many said it was the best actionable training they had
ever attended. One of those students has already done over
$100,000 in sales with webinars as of August am sure he has already
passed $200,000.

We recorded the entire boot camp to high quality DVD. In fact at
the end of the Bootcamp I did a live webinar that ended up making
$26,000… right in front of the audience! That’s what they call
“Proof of Concept”. When is the last time you went to an Internet
Marketing seminar and saw something like that? Probably never.

Ok so back to why I made my own webinar service…..

I’m about ready to roll out a home study course teaching people 5
specific ways to profit with webinars. It’s been a huge
undertaking as I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I always strive to
deliver high value contact and something that really “Works”.

My new webinar service will be part of the training I release. It
is a solution that over-comes some of the scalability issues with
running a webinar business. It’s got some really cool features
that nobody else is doing right now so I’m pretty proud of it.

I’m hoping to launch my new training / service in the next month
and everyone here on my list will get a tremendous discount for
being a loyal subscriber.

Keep an eye on your inbox as we get closer to launch….

Webinar On Wednesday

I’m going to hold the “Cool Tools” webinar again on Wednesday:

Date: Wednesday, October 13th
2:00PM Eastern (New York Time)
7:00PM (London Time)

Register here:
==> http://clicktr.com/a/tracker.php?t=210

So remember… we are still in beta. I’d love for you to give it a
try. We have made several adjustments and are not anticipating
major issues but just keep in mind there is a possibility you may
not be able to connect.

I just wanted to be clear with you so you don’t change your whole
schedule to be on the webinar and then are disappointed since we
are still in beta test mode.

Fair enough?

Thanks again for being a loyal subscriber.

Hope to see you on the webinar tomorrow if you missed it yesterday.

Take care,

Joel Peterson

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