The Principle Of The Slight Edge

by Joel on March 5, 2013

I just returned from attending Underground Seminar 9. Wow! Loved it. It’s an event I’ve wanted to attend for years. Lots of great speakers and networking. There is something I noticed with all of the successful speakers and entrepreneurs I saw at the event. One principle that many of them have taken advantage of that I’d like to share with you today…

…But first make sure you read my P.S. at the bottom of this email. I’m going to be in Phoenix Arizona this week and would love to meet up with you if you are in the area.

… Ok what is the one principle that I observed?

It’s called “The Slight Edge”

Have you heard of it before? There is a book on Amazon you should read called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Let me share with you the basics of the principle and how it’s changed and continues to change my professional and personal life.

The principle of the Slight Edge is that little things that we do, the little choices we make in our lives can and will make a HUGE impact over time.

Let me illustrate this for you.

Will eating a piece of bacon kill you? Probably not.

But if you ate bacon every day of your life would it lead to eventual heath problems over time. Probably yes. I will kill you prematurely because most likely you will get high cholesterol and hardening of the arteries. So why do we eat bacon? Because we know it won’t instantly kill us.

Here is another example. January 2nd of this year I got back from a vacation to Mexico. I had gained 4 pounds. I realized I was now 30 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. I realized enough is enough! So what did I do? I decided to go on a diet just like everyone else at that time of the year.

…But I knew that what usually happens when I do this is it lasts for a few weeks and then I’m back to where I was before… not watching what I eat.

So what did I do? First I visualized where I wanted to be in 6 months….which was 30lbs lighter but not only that but I wrote down the clothes I would buy (or take out of the closet!) as I started losing the weight. I wrote it down and looked at it each day.

Then I said. What are the small choices I can make each and every day of my life that will give me that “Slight Edge” to hit my goal over time.

I decided to do the following:

1. Eliminate high calorie and fat options from the food I eat for breakfast and lunch.
2. Don’t eat seconds.
3. Take all snacks out of my office.
4. Drink water or low calorie options
5. Exercise by starting out with 10 minutes a day

These are all very simple changes that only took me minutes to implement. For example for breakfast I would drink a high protein shake with high antioxidant berries. I would eat oatmeal instead of cold cereal. Instead of orange juice I would drink water….If I drank orange juice I would have 1/3 less than I normally have.

If I decided to go to lunch I would go to Subway and not have cheese or high calorie dressings on my sandwich. I would get the 6 inch instead of the 12 inch. I would skip on the chips and go for apples or yogurt.

For exercise I started out with just 10 minutes a day. I have a swimming pool so I swam for 10 minutes without stopping. The first day I only could do 5 minutes!

For dinner I ate pretty much regular stuff….I just didn’t have seconds.

Ok…so all of these are just tiny little changes…something that takes just minutes to do. The first week I really didn’t notice anything different.

Then I went on a cruise and applied my choices on my vacation. Results. I actually had lost 2 pounds!

So as the days went by I continued with my small little choices and continued to do them every day.

The results so far?

I’m right at 3 months now and have lost 18 pounds! Just a little more than halfway to my goal. I’m still applying these little choices every day… and I’ve noticed something… they are easier to do and I’m getting better at them.

I find it’s easier to do them now. Selecting healthy options is much easier. I’m not craving the bad stuff any more. I can now swim 30 minutes without stopping. Last week I had to punch a new hole in my belt so my pants would stay up. Yesterday I pulled my old jeans out of the closet because I’ve gone down a pants size.

How do I attribute the success of this accomplishment?

“The Slight Edge”

Small choices made over time that add up to great things.

See success in life if made up of small choices we make and applied over time. They can be positive or negative.

The problem we have in this world now is everyone wants immediate results. They want to make $10,000 now! They want to run a successful business now! They are not willing to apply the “Slight Edge” in their life and give it some time.

So think about it? What can you do to make the “Slight Edge” work for you?

What if you decided to read 5 pages a day from a motivational or personal development book. Just start with 5 pages a day?

What if you decided to listen to a 10 minutes of an inspirational talk each day?

What if you decided to take out some of those Internet Marketing course you purchased and set on the shelf and studied them for 20 minutes a day?

What if you decided to make a goal to meet 2 new people a week?

What if you decided to smile to 3 new people you interact with each day?

What about extending a compliment to one person a day?

What about writing a heart-felt note of appreciation to a new person each day?

All of these things only take a few minutes and a tiny bit of effort. Will they make a huge impact each day. Probably not. Just like the bacon won’t kill you.

But over time… these little actions will add up and have monumental changes in your business and personal life.

So how are you going to apply the “Slight Edge” in your life? Feel free to go to my blog and post the small thing you are going to do. I’d love to hear about it.

To Your Success!

Joel Peterson
“Your Escape The Rat Race Guide”

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