Should I Post A Replay? Yes Or No : Spend $80 Make $1,400 Webinar

by Joel on January 11, 2013

OK, OK….so you want a replay of the webinar.  My Delta Flight still has Internet access so I was able to post it here below……  I will keep it up for 72 hours.  Please post your questions below and enjoy everyone!



We were only planning to do 2 live webinars this week on the special traffic method we shared with everyone on my list this week.    Yesterday we did a recorded broadcast.  My email box is blowing up cause so many of you want to see it.  I’ve considered doing another re-broadcast this weekend but I’m traveling to the Marketers Cruise.

This has been one of the most popular webinars I’ve ever held.

So lets to this…. if I can get 25 YES responses on this and my Facebook page… I’ll post a 48 hour replay window.

So let me know if you want to see it or not.

Post Below….

In case you are wondering what the webinar is about read the email I sent out earlier this week….

All I can say about the two live webinars we did yesterday was
nothing short of AMAZING!
On the webinar Jon and I shared a traffic method that has stood the
test of time in the IM world.  Here are some of the results…
We showed in real time how we started two affiliate campaigns at at
8am yesterday and then kept refreshing the earnings at the 3pm
webinar and 9pm webinar yesterday.  It kept going up each time we
The spend for the traffic campaign was $80 for the day and the net
earnings was $1,400+ !!!!
I’ve been around Internet Marketing for 10 years now and haven’t
seen results like this since back in about 2004!
Would you be willing to spend $80 to make $1,400+?
Now to be clear…some days it’s a little less and some days it’s
much much more.  And so I’m crystal clear here…
THIS IS NOT PPC (Pay Per Click).  This is something much easier and
way more consistent and reliable.

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