Webinar: How To Profit From Membership Sites

by Joel on June 7, 2010

**** UPDATE ****

The webinar was a smash hit!  Stu taught some excellent content about membership sites.

Here is the replay.



I’m holding a webinar Tuesday about creating and building
Membership Sites:

Register here:

Webinar is over…..

Many years ago I started a membership site. It was my first one
and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I kind of looked around
at what other sites were doing and just mimicked them. (This was in
a non Internet Marketing niche by the way.)

Well the bottom line is the membership site took off like wildfire!
In fact the first month I did $40,000 in sales! I was
super excited. Not only had I done 40K in sales that month but I
would be getting that month after month. To say I was excited is
an understatement.

When it came time for the second round of billing I was a little
shocked. I lost more than half of my members and only made
$19,200. I know that is still a lot but it wasn’t 40K 🙂

Month after month I lost half of my group till it fizzled down to
almost nothing!

What had I done wrong? Well it turns out I did everything wrong…

This Tuesday I’ve got a Stu McLaren who is going to teach us about
Membership Sites. Stu has many years of experience with this
business model and in fact is the founder of a wordpress plugin
called Wishlist Member.

Stu will teach us things like:

1. How to start your first membership site.
2. What markets to target for membership sites.
3. What kind of content to put in your membership sites.
4. How to avoid the common pitfalls that most people fall in.
5. And much much more.

I’m very excited to have Stu join us for the webinar on Tuesday and
I hope to see you there.

Register here:

==> https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/144606162

When I held a brainstorming session back in December, many of you
told me that creating a membership site was your #1 goal so I know
this is a hot topic.

See you on the webinar.

Joel Peterson

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