How MasterMind Groups Can Bring You To The Next Level

by Joel on September 24, 2010

Right now I’m in Vegas at a place that is really hard to describe without being here.

I’m at this place called Pirates Cove at a MasterMind session with my good friend Russell Brunson. Pirates Cove is a private home (actually 5 homes) that some ultra millionaire built for his family. See the photos below… I’ve been to some luxurious places in my life and nothing compares to this. This place has everything, multiple swimming pools, hot tubs, water slides, sports, full size gym, ice cream machines, garages full of boats, Hummers, I could go on and on.

Even though all that is fun, there is really only one reason I’m here. To network and brain storm with other marketers and Interent experts. There are some SMART people in the room and my brain is like a sponge right now.

Today I leaned about some great Facebook traffic strategies and some killer killer webinar technologies coming down the pipline. I already have several ideas I’m planning to implement in my business… something I would not have know if I had stayed home.

I’ve mentioned before in the past that 3 years ago I set a goal to attend at least 2 events like this every year. Yes there is a financial investment but the returns have been 20 fold.

I have asked many of you before… “Are you networking or attending MasterMind events? If not WHY?

To get to the next level you MUST network with those that are in your niche. You will find that you will make more money in whatever you do by spending time with like-minded people like you. The ideas, joint venture deals, and partnerships that you get at these events are priceless.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started with these events. In fact there are probably people right in your local area that meet for free. I would start at and search for people in your niche.

Here are two other events I’m attending this year:

Costa Rica MasterMind – (only for 6 figure earners or higher)

The Marketers Cruise – Open to everyone

If any of you are attending these events please let me know. I’d love to meet up with you.

Please share your networking or MasterMinding experiences by commenting below.

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