My 5 year Hero #1 – Marlon Sanders

by Joel on November 24, 2008

I just realized the other day that I just passed a monumental date in my life. 5 years ago is when I started my Internet Marketing journey.

I’ll share the entire story another day but for the next few days, I want to share with my readers who I consider my heroes……. those who have inspired me and helped me along the way.

Hero # 1

Marlon Sanders

One of the original Internet Marketers out there, Marlon Sanders is still going strong today. I had the oportunity to visit his office this past summer and hang out him for a day……. great time….. I have to put on my sponge brain when I’m around him because the guy is a walking “Vault of Information”.

I remember that “The Amazing Formula” was the second info product I ever purchased. For a trip back in time, check out the site I saw back in 2003.

I had only seen one other long page sales letter before this time….. the whole concept was new to me……. I remember reading through his sales letter thinking to myself….. “This guy is brilliant”…….

Well, I purchased it and the rest is history. It was truly the stepping stone that helped me build my business today. After reading his book, I remember saying to my wife… “I can do this”…… and I did. I launched my first product….. a calculator for ebay sellers that made me $5,000 my first month…… $10,000 the second and still to this day pays me.

Recently, Marlon has launched another one of his Dashboard products….. The Promo Dashboard … (no it’s not an affiliate link). I absolutely LOVE his Dashboard products. Simple point and click learning and action plans. Brilliant.

Marlon is my Hero #1 and well deserving.

Tomorrow you get to meet Hero #2……. I can’t wait to show you.

Joel Peterson

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