Virtual Employees in India – Safety for them – Safety for your business

by Joel on November 28, 2008

First, let me say that all my employees in India are safe. It saddens me to think about the terror attack that has happened (and is still happening) over in Mumbai. As I am, I hope you will keep them in your prayers.

I love the people in India.

Returning just this last July from the same area where the attacks are happening, it really makes you stop and think. Most people here in the U.S. don’t know anything about India. I’m hoping that people here don’t get the wrong idea about the people over there. It truly is one of my favorite places in the world to be.

Now if you do business over there like I do, you usually think of of two things when something like this happens.

1. Are my employees safe?

2. How is this going to effect my business?

You should always have emergency contact information for your employees….. not just for situations like what is going on right now but for when minor emergencies like power outages, floods, fires, political unrest…… I guess those are major too…..

When emergencies happen, how long is it going to take your business down? Hours? Days? Weeks?

What should your backup plan be for cases like this?

As your business overseas expands, I would be recommending spreading out your teams…… don’t have them all in the same building if you can. For example, I have a team in two different regions of India…… hundreds of miles away from each other. Chances are, if a disaster happens in one location, I can shift tasks to the other office while we pick up the pieces.

Also make sure you always have important data stored in several places….. not just on employees’ computers. Use a backup service or get employees to ftp important files on a regular basis.

Always have a back-up plan….. especially when you are planning a product launch and thousands of dollars are on the line.

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