How To Make An AWESOME Video Testimonial

by Joel on May 17, 2013

Video testimonials are THE most important element of any sales copy. For the most part when someone is reading or watching your sales page…they almost always have a “oh ya right…this can’t be true” attitude. People are skeptical by nature. Most of the time the thought going through their mind is….”Ya I know this guy can do it but what about people like me?”

Ding Ding Ding!

Enter video testimonials done my REAL people like them!

See that is the key. Video testimonials have to be believable. They need to be honest, uncut and just well….real.

In fact video testimonials that are recorded in a professional studio that look “Staged” many times do not perform as well as super candid “Real People” testimonials.

So here are my tips on how to record an AWESOME testimonial.

#1. Just use a simple web cam or smartphone to record your testimonial. Don’t setup a professional studio. but DO make sure you have enough light so that the picture looks decent. Make sure your video is widescreen 16X9. The world is so done with 4:3 or square box videos… time to get over the square!

#2 The audio but me clear and loud. Even though you don’t need to worry so much about your surroundings…your audio is a different story. If you are using a smart phone test it to make sure you audio is clear and there isn’t too much background noise. If you are using your computer you may want to make sure your audio is being picked up with an external microphone (USB condenser is best) instead of your web cams built in audio. Built in audio is getting better but you just may need to test it first.

#3 KEEP IT SHORT! A good video testimonial will be 20 seconds or shorter. People have very short attention spans these days. 20 seconds is about right….for sure no longer than 30 seconds if you can.

#4 You MUST script your testimonial out. Scripting your testimonial and then reading it as you do it will ensure you keep it at the right time and say what needs to be said. Trust me on this one. Now when you read it you don’t want it to sound like you are reading it…so make sure you practice a bit.

#5 Imperfections are OK! In fact they make things more real. If you are sitting at home in grubbys and a ball cap….thats just FINE! Just be yourself. Record your video where you feel the most comfortable.

#6 Lifestyle videos are awesome! It doesn’t hurt to have your lifestyle in the background while you are shooting your testimonial. Shooting in front of the beach your RV, home…a cool car is just fine and in fact is a good thing. You don’t have to brag about your “stuff” but the person watching it “Gets” it in their mind.

#7 Focus on what has changed your life. Focus on the story. Almost every good testimonial will start with a….”This was happening to me in life and then when I started doing this….such and such and such and such happened and now I’m a new person”. People want to get to where you are at. Help them know that your product or service can really change their life because that is what they really want to know.
#8 Focus on benefits and not features. People don’t care that your car has a Fuel injected gizmo in it….all they want to know is that it goes FAST! Focus focus on the benefits

So here is example of a good testimonial.

“Hey this is Kevin Smith from Portland. I just wanted to shoot this quick video and give a big shout-out to Joel and the Simple Money System.

Listen. I had never made a dime online before I started using The Simple Money System. Before that I had just wasted my money on other promises that just never seemed to work out. I was really just spinning my wheels.

Then I got the Free Simple Money System and followed the steps that they outlined in the training and I made my first sale in my first week. Hey I can’t tell you thank you enough guys for your help and for this system. I was very skeptical at first but this is real guys. Highly recommended.”

Here is another one……

“Judy Jones here from Phoenix. I just wanted to let you know my experience with the online marketing tools that I got with PureLeverage. Wow. I can’t believe they offer what they do for $25. Before I started using the PureLeverage tools I was paying $400 a month for tools that didn’t even work that well and were complicated. Then I got my account at PureLeverage and everything was already setup for me. I went through the simple video tutorials and was up and running the same day.

Two thumbs up from this happy camper! You guys are saving me a ton of money and doubling my business at the same time!”

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