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by Joel on March 10, 2009


Joel Peterson’s Internet Marketing Newsletter
Tuesday – March 10th, 2009
Hi  Everyone,
In case you missed the emails…
I launched The Mini Site Formula one week ago today:
The response has been tremendous.  A lot of people have really

been waiting for a solid product like this to come out.

In This Issue
1.  ClickBank’s HopAd Builder – My first results
2.  Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective – Finding profitable
ClickBank’s HopAd Builder – My first results
Besides launching my first product in 6 years last week, I found a
little time to play around with ClickBank’s new HopAdBuilder.
What’s the HopAdBuilder you ask?  It’s basically ClickBank’s
response to Google Adsense… sort of…
It allows you to build “Adsense Looking” ads filled with ClickBank
products.  You control the keywords for the products you want
sowing in your ad blocks.  This can be good or bad.
Good – You have more control over which products show up on your
Bad – It’s a more manual work on your side… Not all keywords show
So My initial testing has been very good.  I took 20 sites and
removed Adsense and replaced with HopAds.  These were sites that I
knew had a lot of available ClickBank products.
The results after 5 days?
Click-Through rates were down on all sites.  Earnings were up on 8
of the sites compared to Adsense.  This looks to be something that
will involve testing to see if it matches your site.
So far I’m pleased.  I love ClickBank and know I’ll always get paid.
Chirs Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective – Finding profitable niches
Today you will hear a lot about Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash
Detective product launch.
Chris didn’t even know this till a month ago but, he is one of the
reasons I’m an Internet Marketer today.  His book “Google Cash” was
the second e-book I ever purchased.  I followed this Adwords
techniques to the letter and made several thousand dollars my first
month and hundreds of thousands of dollars since then using his
Over the last several years direct linking from Adwords appeared to
be dead… or at least that’s what many of us thought.
Chris’s new tool shatters this Myth.
It “Spies” on Adwords campaigns and lets you find out who is direct
linking, what keywords they are bidding on what what they are
paying.  The idea behind this is that if they have been doing this
for a long time, it must be profitable.
This isn’t one of the newest “Spy” tools out there.  There are
several other good ones out there that have been around for a few
I like Chris’s new tool for two reasons:
1.  It finds profitable  products to promote using the “Goolge
Cash” method where a lot of spy tools out there don’t.
2.  It can also be used as a Niche research tool to build Mini sites.
I played around with it for about two hours the other day and was
able to to find about 60 niches that I hadn’t even realized would
be profitable.   The idea behind it is…
“If people are bidding high dollars for certain keywords that are
in a Niche… you know that niche is profitable.”  One example I
found was the “Sheet Metal Tools” Niche.
I’ve already have my team building some mini sites right now where
I’m going to slap up some Ebay Partner Network promotions.
Highly recommended tool.  Check it out here:
Thanks again for everyone that purchased “The Mini Site Formula”
last week.
Several people have emailed me to let me know that they have
already gone through all the training and have put up several sites
already… and are already getting traffic.
That really makes me fell all warm inside. 🙂
I set out to make a quality program that can really help someone
make money on the Internet.  I hope you had a chance to check it
out last week.
If not just take a look here:
Take Care,
Joel Peterson

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