Free Reports = QUALITY Traffic ???

by Joel on May 5, 2009

One of the oldest traffic generation techniques is the use
of free e-reports.

When your content is a downloadable report format, it has a
higher perceived value than if it was in a normal web page.

The reader must take time to download it and it allows more
flexibility in how they read it.

The result is it’s the ultimate way to spread your content
“virally” by “infecting” a first group who passes on your
report to the next.

Free reports allow you to grow your traffic
exponentially and on autopilot.

Of course, it doesn’t always work-out like this.

Too often free reports lack the right ingredients to catch
on and spread.

This is why a new system has been developed called, “Free
Reports Riches.” It’s developed by two leading authorities
on viral marketing, Rod Beckwith and Mike Filsaime.

Rod has been online since the earliest days of the web as
one of the first employees to the original web browser
“Mosaic” (later known as Netscape). This has given him an
up-close look at some of the biggest viral successes on the

Today, he owns dozens of successful e-books and software

In addition, Mike Filsaime has a long track-record of
profiting from viral marketing and free e-reports with a
multi-million dollar a year business. His The Death of
Internet Marketing report was downloaded over 25,000times in
less than a week.

Free Reports Riches digs-into the strategies both experts
use to generate thousands of dollars a month directly from
e-reports… and how small marketers can do the same.

The system gives simple step-by-step instructions to:

1. Get your report created quickly and easily. In fact, 3
of the creation methods described allow you to get it made
without you writing a single page. It might take less than
an hour to get your first report created and out the door.

2. Get your report read. This includes having the right
formatting, ingredients to grab attention and hold it
throughout, and it covers costly mistakes most marketers

3. Get your report spread. Finally, Free Reports Riches
gives a strong run-down of all of the best ways to
distribute your report and get it into enough hands for it
to take on a life of its own. The strengths and weaknesses
of each are explained.

All of this information is divulged in a hefty 72 page
written guide and 12 “see exactly how it’s done” videos.

Overall, Free Reports Riches covers all of the vital and
advanced information you need to profit from free reports in
the shortest possible time. The result is you generate
targeted free traffic to any site you want and establish
yourself as an authority in your market.

Go-ahead and pick-up your copy at:

==> Free Report Riches

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