What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money Online?

by Joel on December 2, 2008

Recently I’ve received several phone calls from friends who have found themselves without a J.O.B.

I actually get very emotional when I speak with them because I can truly say, “Been there done that!” In fact, one year I lost my job 3 times! I know how gut-wrenching and utterly depressing it can be.

So usually the question I’m asked most frequently in these phone calls is this…

“What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money Online?”

It’s actually a question that really depends on the skill level of the individual.

If you were the kind of person who just barely knows how to browse websites and do email…… I would recommend starting on eBay. Just start selling your old junk to get the hang of the whole “Sales” process. Then migrate to sourcing products at trade shows……. buy it for $10…. sell it for $20 works well.

But the problem with eBay is it can quickly take a ton of your TIME! Back in the day when eBay was my main business, I was shipping 100 packages a day all by myself! Kind of a funny story I just thought about…… to try to save money on “packing peanuts”, I decided to try to make my own buy popping a bunch of popcorn! That lasted about 1 day when I realized that after about the 6th batch of popcorn in a row, those hot hair machines like to MELT!

How do you learn how to do eBay? Stay away from all the online courses out there….. most of them are just lead generation tools to sell you expensive coaching packages……. just learn by doing….. go online and see what others are doing….. get your feet week and do a lot of reading…….. and studying….. but don’t forget the doing part….. 🙂

So yes, eBay can be some of the Quickest money you can make…… but for long term, I recommend a good affiliate marketing strategy with PPC and natural search.

I’ll get into these subjects on another day.

If you find yourself in a situation where quick cash is needed, Ebay might be the place for you.

Joel Peterson

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