Dave Guindon’s Exit Splash Script – My Results

by Joel on April 21, 2009

Dave Guindon released his latest COOL script called Exit Splash today.

Click Here ==> http://Exitsplash.com

I’ve known Dave for several years now.  In fact he promoted my first online product over 5 years ago and did some pretty unique marketing for it that gave some amazing results.

Over the years I’ve kept track of the projects he has been involved in.  I’m always amazed at the quality and detail he spends on his tools and anything he puts his name on.

Dave is one of these walking genuius guys that comes up with some great tools and scripts that have really benifited my business over the years.

A few months back as I was launching The Mini Site Formula he and I were talking about his new software script that he was getting ready to release called Exit Splash.

In a nut-shell, Exit Splash takes your “Exit Traffic” (People that are going to leave your site) and INTELLIGENTLY leads them back to any page you want.  This page can have anything you want on it like a special discount on your product, affiliate links to a related item,  an opt-in page… anything that can help monetize your website.

Many people don’t realize that most website visitors leave your site within 3 to 4 seconds and are gone FOREVER!  Why not try to push them back to something else they might be interested in?  They are going to leave anyways.

Now you are not going to want to run this type of script on pages where you are trying to build a loyal following with repeat visitors but you can put it on your sites or pages where you know that you only have one chance at catching the visitors attention.

A few weeks ago as a test I put this script up on 20 of my mini sites that currently average about $4 a day in revenue.  10 of these sites I put an exit splash leading to an opt-in form and the other 10 took people to a list of affiliate links I put together using Datafeedr to a special “Discount Store” page.

My results after two weeks?

1.  14% Optin rate for a total of 392 subscribers.

2.  Increased daily earnings average to $5.20 per day, an 130% increase

Needless to say initial testing is going well.

Now am I going to put this on all of my Mini Sites?


I’ll continue to test with groups of sites.  A few things you need to keep in mind before installing scripts like this.

1.  Make sure you are not breaking any terms of service with any affiliate links or programs you are promoting.  Most programs out there would be ok with this type of browser behaviour but some may have issues.  Always read the TOS of your affiliate vendors.

2.  It is possible that long term search engine ranking could be affected.  I think the jurry is still out on this one, but I can see that if you site it manualy reviewed you might get that site de-indexed if that search engine doesn’t like what you are doing.  I think you have to make a judgement call on this one and test it out.

*Note* – I just checked with my project manager and it looks like I have about 32 sites that have been using a different exit pop script for over 16 months now with out any indexing issues.

There are a lot of other ways you can use this script… Not just for mini sites.

Dave has some really good videos on his site showing you all the ways you can use it plus some live examples.

Click Here ==> http://Exitsplash.com

**Note** Dave is also a video genius.  Even if you are not interested in his sript, check his site out for some ideas on how to make some KILLER videos online.

Right now his launch special is $47.  That’s a bargain in my book.  The price goes up in a week so grab it now.

Click Here ==> http://Exitsplash.com

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