My 5 Year Hero #2 – David Frey

by Joel on November 25, 2008

Yesterday I started sharing with you some of the people who have influenced me the most since I started my Internet Marketing business 5 years ago. Today I continue with the next person who has helped me along my path.

Hero #2

David Frey

David Frey

I actually went to college with Dave. We attended the same church and did a lot of fishing together. He was on his way to becoming a CPA if I remember right. After college, I pretty much lost track of him.

Then one day as I was at the height of my eBay business, I came across his “e-book” at .

I had never even heard of an “e-book” before. Anyway, long story short….. it was a GREAT……. not an Internet Marketing book but an excellent guide for small business marketing. After persuading him to tell me how much he was making a month off that one book…. (took me a few months to get him to confess)….. I promptly changed my business plan THAT DAY and decided to throw in the towel on my eBay business.

Dave has helped me tremendously over the years…… in fact it was a conversation with Dave that led to an idea that started a seven figure business for me.

He is a walking encyclopedia…… knows every link, tool, and person in Internet Marketing. And he is not just into Internet Marketing……. in fact, that last few years, he has been KILLING IT with his SendOutCards business.

There are only 3 or 4 newsletters that I read religiously…… Dave’s “Small Business Marketing Newsletter” is one of those.

Besides being a great businessman, he is a great family man and community servant. This summer, his office was completely destroyed by a hurricane……instead of feeling all bad about himself, he spent several weeks helping OTHER people clean up their messes.

A great role model.

I highly recommend that you visit his sites today.

Joel Peterson

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