Are You On The CPA Bandwagon Yet?

by Joel on January 6, 2009

I know a lot of my readers are affiliate marketers…… but many of them have never really done anything with the CPA networks yet.

What’s a CPA network?

In a nutshell, it’s like an affiliate program but instead of a product, the referral that you get paid on can be an “Action” like filling out a form with personal information or taking a customer survey. Most CPA networks pay out anywhere from 0.25 to $50 per action…. however, many are in the $1 to $2 range.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? It can be if you know what you’re doing…… it can also be a frustrating path to take if you are not careful.

First of all, it can be pretty hard to get accepted to many CPA networks. You will want to find the right networks to join.

Here is a site that has a pretty good list of CPA networks……. go can do a Google Search to find more.

I think the biggest thing when joining a CPA network is you really need to treat it like it’s a job interview. These CPA networks have SO many people that are trying to scam them that they really have had to tighten the belt when it comes to accepting new affiliates.

My recommendation is to have a company first and a good website where you are selling yourself and your company as a successful internet marketing company. Sure you can do it on your own without a company…. just have to make sure you can “Sell Yourself”.

Don’t even think about submitting an application ’til you have all the pieces in place. Put yourself in the place of the affiliate manager…… would you accept yourself with what you are about to submit?

Another recommendation is to submit your application and then immediately call the CPA company… tell them who you are and that you want to speak to an account rep. Build a relationship with them right from day one. Most of the time, they will approve you on the spot. The main thing is that they want to make sure you are not going to be sending “Junk” or “Bad” traffic….. (Think major Black Hat tricks….. they are big “no nos”.)

Your account rep is your life-blood of your CPA business. Most of my account reps contact me via email and IM on a daily basis……

Once you are in a CPA network…. well, promoting is a different story. I’ll post another article in the future about ways I like to promote my CPA offers.

I’d like to hear your feedback…. tell me your opinions on the best CPA networks you like to work with.

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