Free Copywriting Masters Tele-Summit

by Joel on December 11, 2009

Copywriting Tele-Summit 2009

December is the month I like to give away things… especially free content that will help you with your Internet Marketing.

Today’s freebie is:
Copywriting Masters Tele-Summit 2009

Get it here:


I believe copywriting is one of the CORE foundational skills that every marketer needs to have to succeed.

My good friend David Frey is hosting a Tele-Summit next week all about Copywriting… and it is completely free to listen to.

Here is a lineup of who is speaking…

1. John Carlton – A copywriting legend!
2. Michel Fortin – World’s #1 online copywriter.
3. Marlon Sanders – Father of the online salesletter
4. Dr. Harlan Kilstein – Record setting copywriter
5. Brian Keith Voiles – Another copywriting legend.
6. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero – Worlds # 1 female copywriter
7. Michael Morgan – Mega genius copywriter
8. Ray Edwards – Copywriter to the gurus
9. Troy White – “The” master wordsmith
10. Peter Fogel – Underground copywriting guru
11. Brian McElroy – Young copywriting stud
12. Kenneth Yu – Email copywriting guru
13. David Frey – copywriting expert

Imagine Attending a 3 Day Seminar With These Experts

If you were to have to pay to attend a 3 day copywriting seminar with all these experts you would pay a minimum of $3,000.

This next week you can listen to each and every one of these copywriting gurus for NO CHARGE!

Nada. Zilch. Not a penny.

All you have to do is register at:


(copy and paste the link into your browser)

…and you’ll get a schedule of when they’ll be speaking next week. This is a ONE OF A KIND EVENT.

There’s never been anything like it and there probably never will be again.

So take advantage of the Copywriting Masters Telesummit this next week.

Take care,

Joel Peterson

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