Why I just paid $600 for Cold Air…

by Joel on March 18, 2009

Many of you know I do a lot of outsourcing in India.

In fact a business partner and I have two physical buildings over there full of some really great employees.  We have several different projects going on at any given time.  I usually travel out there once a year for a month.  I love it.

Just in the last 7 months I’ve started hiring people out in the Philippines.  It’s a little different story out there.  These guys work out of their homes instead of an office.  DSL is available all over the place and there are a lot of talented individuals wiling to work from home for a fair price.

When ever you have workers in this situation you will face a few un-expected challenges.

One of the big issues over there right now… it’s HOT!

This is the time of the year when the temperature rises to pretty uncomfortable levels.

How do I know this?

Well at first I didn’t know anything about the issue.  What I did notice is that two of my employees who work at the same house started working at very late hours… like 2am.  They also were going to Internet Cafes to complete the days work.

After a few weeks of this I could see my productivity going down.  Way down.

When I confronted them with the issue I learned about the heat issue.

Now I know some people who outsource who wouldn’t give a hoot.  They would tell their team members to just deal with it.

From my experience I handled this a different way.  These where two team members who have worked their GUTS out for me the last 6 months.  They are dedicated and have done excellent work.


I just plunked down $600 to get them an air conditioner for their house!

Was this a wise choice on my part?  I guess we will know in the future.  From my past experience, investing in my employees has ALWAYS been a good thing.  I feel it builds loyalty and shows that “The Boss” really cares about me.  I’ve found that I get much better work out of my team.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this with brand new employees.  Wait till you have some that you know are going to stick around for a bit.

Also when looking for future employees over in the Philippines… make sure you ask if they have AC… I know I will be asking this in the future!

Joel Peterson

P.S.  I am on the look for another really good PHP programmer over there.  If you are in the Philippines and want to apply let me know!

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