Clickbank Meets Adsense – New Adserver Platform Announced

by Joel on November 25, 2008

For those of you out there who love promoting Clickbank products….. I’m one of those….. they announced a few days back that they will soon be introducing a full blown ad serving platform.

What will this mean to you? Well, as a product owner, it means your product can potentially start getting a LOT more traffic…… Think “Adwords Content Network” for your clickbank product….. except I’m guessing it will start out to be free…… but I’m sure “Premium” ad placements may be part of the deal……

For Publishers, this is going to be a nice source of income for those that target the right niches……. think Adsense type income but potentially bigger.

It will only work for certain markets….. as long has there are clickbank products to support them….

So who thinks we will start seeing “MFC” sites soon? (Made For Clickbank)

Joel Peterson

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