Microsoft Live Search Gives You “cashback” – Interesting CPA twist.

by Joel on December 4, 2008

Microsoft’s Live Search launched the “cashback” service back in the summer…… If you haven’t heard of it yet….. basically you do a search on and if you purchase something from one of the vendors you get…..well, cash back…… into a your Paypal account.

Yes, you have to follow their rules but heck….. you really do get cash back.

Had a buddy called me about that said he got $75 back when he ordered an iPhone.

So why am I talking about this today? I think it’s an interesting way for vendors to push CPA offers…. “Cost Per Action”.

As an affiliate, I don’t see a way I can profit from this cashback program but if I had a product or service and wanted to pay out to the CPA networks it might be something worth trying.

I think it would be nice if Microsoft added an “Adsense” twist to the program. Let publishers put Live Search on their pages that link to the cashback program…… share some of the Cash with publishers…… then they might have something there.

I’d like to know if any of you out there have used the “cashback” search yet.

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