Check Your Landing Pages…They Could Be Broken!

by Joel on November 20, 2008

Have you ever taken a $100 bill out of your wallet and set it on fire?

That’s what I’ve been doing the last 4 days….except it was a lot more than one bill from my billfold!

So in 5 years of affiliate marketing, this has only happened to me 2 times. I was checking some stats on some PPC traffic I was sending to about 10 different landing pages when to my surprise, I had made ZERO dollars the last 4 days. To make matters worse, I was sending some expensive PPC traffic….luckily not my most expensive!

Upon further inspection (and several minutes of almost wetting myself) I found that my server admin had “fixed” something at my request and in doing so, it had commented out some code in my .htaccess files on ALL MY SITES! Long story short….PHP wouldn’t execute code on those pages.

Was I stupid?

Did I know this could happen?

I let my guard down for sure…… never again…..cross fingers…..cross fingers.

So to stop this in the future I will be setting up some automatic monitoring….I have used different online monitoring services in the past…… just do a search on Google….

A good one will let you monitor files to see if they have changed…if it does it alerts you. This is also great if a hacker gets to your site and hi-jacks it.

They are not foolproof and can sometimes give a lot of false-positives but in the long run you will probably save yourself a ton of money if you have any decent traffic.

Comment below if you can recommend some decent monitoring tools. If you know if any solutions I can install on a server that would be good as well.

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