Brilliant Marketing – A Little Controversial?

by Joel on June 2, 2010

I wanted to show you a brilliant marketing strategy that some may feel is a little controversial.

I live in a small town and last month we had a MAJOR problem with our water.  In fact over 1,000 people got sick with campylobacter.  Basically you get way sick.  There were only 12 “Confirmed” cases but we did a survey in our church group and figured out there were over 1,000.

So bottom line it was big news and a huge concern for my town.

Yesterday I found the following hanging on my door.

What do you think my first impression was?

I was thinking it was our city or the health department asking for a survey and was about ready to fill it out.

Then the marketer in me realized it was a water filter company gathering leads.  Ok so if you can almost trick a marketer you can for SURE trick the regular “Common Folk” (I say that in jest)

That night we had a party at my home and I asked several of my neighbors it they had seen the same flier.  They all had and they had all filled it out!  When I explained to them it was a marketing promotion and now they were all “Leads” and were going to get hit up by a water filtration company they were all surprised.

My guess is these guys get a 80% return rate on the survey.

So is this controversial or brilliant marketing?

In my opinion it’s brilliant marketing.  How does this apply to Internet Marketing?

You can use the same principles on the Internet as you can in the offline world.

Here is what I would do….

Find an affiliate product or make a deal with a local water filtration company to sell leads to.  Use Google Adwords and create some text and banner ads specifically for my town like.

“Saratoga Springs Residents.  Did you get sick like me last month?  Here is what I did to fix this problem permanently”

Use the local targeting so only residents of Saratoga Springs can see the ads.  Then collect the names and phone numbers and boom you have qualified leads you can sell.

That is just one idea.  This principle applies to all kinds of marketing.  The key is to look for events that make a large impact on people.

Some people call this event driven marketing.

Have any ideas you would like to share on other marketing ideas that are simillar to what I shared above?  Please feel free to comment below.

Take care,

Joel Peterson

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