Do You Need A Bailout? How To Get One Today.

by Joel on December 12, 2008

I follow the news a lot….. like way too much.

Have you noticed that almost EVERY news story on CNN these days is…. “This is bad…… That is bad… BAD BAD BAD”

My personal opinion is a lot of it is media hype…… but some of it is real.

Have you evaluated your current and future plans?  What would you do if you lost your job right now?  What if you couldn’t find one for several months….. or years?  Do you have a plan?

I wrote about this last month but I think it’s important to touch on it again.

Don’t wait for a bailout.  Nobody is going to help you.

You have to help yourself.

If you are at a point where you are ready to make some changes…. get that “Plan B” going…. I HIGHLY recomend that you look into different online marketing stratagies…… online marketing is the BEST way in my opinion to make a living.

A lot of things can be done online.

Affiliate Marketing
Product Creation
Online Training
Content Sites monetized with ads

I think the secret is to cut through all the “Bull” you read out there and really take the time and learn one or some of these areas of marketing.  Yet your hands dirty and give it a chance.

I remember that when I tried PPC marketing for the first time……. I was trying all these cheap bids…… 5 cents and less….

It wasn’t till I jacked it up to 50 cents a click and took a chance before it paid off and paid off big.  Now I’m not telling you to go blow a lot of money on PPC…… but my point is take some chances…. get out of your comfort zone.

Start some kind of online business today.

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