Alex Goad Thinks Like Me – Create Mini Sites

by Joel on November 21, 2008

I don’t know Alex Goad that well but I’ve purchased a few of his products in the past. A lot of his tips have worked well for me in the past.

What I like about Alex is he is a regular guy. I’m sure he won’t admit that he is a professional presenter or some slick “guru” type info marketer. He is just some guy who worked real hard to get where he is today.

Today he put up a very good video talking about why a lot of people fail when they purchase all these products……yes he is pitching his new Google Conquest…..but my ears pricked up on some of the things he is talking about…

The reason……

I’ve already done many of the things his product teaches you so I know they work.

It’s a long video but worth the watch. Knowing Alex, when his product launches, it should be pretty good.

Just remember your white hat, grey hat and black hat strategies…… In the past, I know Alex has promoted some pretty “Black Hat” stuff….. good stuff though. Last year, I took one of his techniques and made $12,000 in about a week……worked for a while then died……. not bad for about 10 hours of work…

If you build real sites like his micro-niche that he is talking about… long as your not doing major black hat….stay on the border of grey, you can make a lot of money and have something that will last a while.

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