About Joel

So who is Joel Peterson?

Joel started his Internet Marketing company in 2003 during the fledgling years of Internet Marketing. He is an expert in many areas related to the Internet especially when it comes to Paid Traffic, SEO, and Social Networking. In fact, one of his greatest accomplishments is that in a one month time period he has generated more ad impressions on the Google Adwords network than there are people on the planet…… yes, billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks.

Joel Peterson started working for “The Man” right out of college like many people do…… the only problem is that he hated every minute of it! He has always had entrepreneurial blood running through his veins.

Here is a list of all the businesses that Joel has done over the years……. some successes and many failures. As Joel’s wife will say, “My husband has tried everything!”

  • As a kid he started a chicken farm and sold eggs door-to-door.
  • In high school, he started a door-to-door “Door Viewer Installation” business.
  • He opened up a karate school in his parents’ garage…… (can anyone say zoning laws) 🙂
  • Sold Cutco Knives (still have my original set after 20 years!) Did three presentations and sold several thousand dollars of knives to 2 of them….. quit because I felt bad because these guys were putting everything on credit cards and could not really afford them.
  • Spent two years as a Missionary for my church in Toronto, Canada……. although not technically a business, it was the “Hardest Sell” he has ever faced….. also the greatest experience ever!
  • Started a mobile windshield repair business as he was going to college. Became the “Rock Chip” expert in his town. Later got smart and sold Windshield Repair Equipment and a How-To training course.
  • Joined Amway and made my initial investment back in 2 months plus some.
  • Joined LifeLine……. sold a powder you drink which I now like to refer to as “Colon Blow”
  • Joined Rexall…… another “Colon Blow”
  • Was one of the first 20 reps in I-Link (now Big Plannet)….. built a monthly income of 3K a month that went away in one month when the phone company accidently billed all the customers $3 a minute for their long distance charges…. ouch.
  • Started a larger karate school with 100+ students. Loved it……. taught many students for FREE.
  • Went bankrupt because I taught too many Karate Students for FREE! 🙁 Learned a BIG lesson here.
  • Picked myself up and got a “J.O.B” – Hated EVERY minute of it.
  • Lost my job 3 times in one year because of the Dot Com bust!
  • Started selling a fishing tackle kit online that I invented…… this was back in the day when people were just starting to buy things on the Internet. I didn’t know how I was getting my traffic but for some reason, I started selling a ton of them to Austrailia……. went to the post office one day and one of the workers asked me if I was selling these on eBay…….I said E-what?
  • Started selling on eBay – Built it into a 5K a month business but was working my tail off while still holding a full time J.O.B.
  • Came accross something called an e-book, Clickbank, and Adwords…… AND A LIGHT SWITCHED ON
  • Within a month, started a 15K a month affiliate business sending Adwords traffic to Clickbank products….. back in the day when it was SUPER easy.
  • October 2004 – Quit my full time job at 3M because I was making 4 times as much money on my “Side Business”
  • Continued with PPC marketing. Opened up 2 offices in India with full time staff running PPC and affiliate marketing campains.
  • Started building 1000’s of “Mini” sites that have now dominated certain niche categories.
  • Have never looked back since……… My business has exploded.

I wanted to share these experiences with you for one reason along…… It can be done.

Work hard enough…… try a bunch of things and pretty soon something will click.

The rewards are enourmous! I now get to spend the quality time with my family doing the things that we love……. boating, fishing, camping.

If I can help you in any way, let me know.

Joel Peterson