36 Things You Can Get Your Virtual Assistants To Do For You To Make Your Life Easier.

by Joel on July 15, 2010

My good buddy Jomar Hilario whom I met in the Philippines when I was out there to setup my office emailed me a list of 36 things you can get your Virtual Assistants to do to make your life easier.

I thought I would share them below.  You will get a kick out of some of them.  Jomar is a great guy and lives in Manilla.  He is a Filipino who hires virtual assistants in the Philippines…. kind of a cool concept!  Here is is blog if you want to learn more about him.  http://JomarHilario.com

36 Things You Can Get Your Virtual Assistants To Do For you To Make Your Life Easier

1. Tell your compelling message to thousands of members of social networks
and receive happy messages in return from the recepients.
2. Enable you to open, maintain 30 or more social network identities while
still getting messages from each and return messages to those who require a
3. And since you’re a member of lots of networks, any message you bring out
can be propagated to each one, while checking if the message was correctly
posted in each.
4. Say you went on vacation or an event and took lots of pictures and
videos. VAs can take all the photos, erase the blurred ones, rotate the ones
that need it, and give you the result – all renamed with the correct
keywords and even watermarked with your “brand”.
5. After “fixing” the photos, they can upload it to your social networks
with the album name you specify.
6. When I say maintain social network accounts, I mean “approve all friends,
reply to all emails and messages using your FAQ or standard reply or cut and
paste from your “reply” message colleciton.
7. If you have an event, they can put the event details into both social
networks AND event calendars, thus creating links to your event website or
8. They can blog hop according to your specifications, leave a personal
comment to the blog owner (they can read the blog if you want them to).
9. They can spice up your presentations using “interesting” graphics from
either online creative commons sources or your paid graphics source.
course, you must train them on the quality of graphics you’re thinking of
and what constitutes beauty for your powerpoint.
10. If you can type the step by step, they can create whole powerpoint
presentations based on your instructions. I once asked my VAs to create the
entire process (each step, literally) in signing up for onlywire.com and ALL
it’s supporting websites. I then used that presentation as a bonus to a
product I was selling.
11. I had a long list of emails that were not separated by commas. I had the
VA “clean it up” so that the emails were separated by commas.
12. Check your website if the links actually opens the right website that it
says it opens. Link checkers can only check if the link works, but not if
it’s the right link (what the words say opens to the correct link).
13. Using SMS, I asked my VA to find me the nearest ATM in my location (I
was outside) and have no internet connection.
14. Call up major hotels and event venues in Bangkok to see if they have
facilities for an internet-connected workshop for 40 people.
15. Manually inspect my client’s forums for people who are spamming or
advertising and delete the user and posts –
do this daily.
16. Edit blog posts that are outdated.
17. Do keyword research using the adwords tool.
18. Create a blog based on the keyword research.
19. Populate the blog based on a strategy of creating original posts.
20. Replicate daily videos using tubemogul and other video syndicating
21. Change the text links unto a graphic link, many many times.
22. Welcome people into your membership site, using whatever process is
23. Locate 10 online greeting card sites and show you screenshots of each.
24. After you’ve decided which greeting card site to use, they can create
greeting ecards for your clients – so you get to greet them ALL – even if
it’s just online.
25. While they’re at it, they can send a specia offer message to the
birthday celebrator, asking to buy a birthday discounted (available only to
him!) offer or maybe even a free one.
26. Check your other VA’s work.
27. Go to website, download everything there – that you need. For example,
dolectures.com or ted.com
28. Create a list of forums where you can promote in, based on number of
members, response to previous promotions and answer direct questions as well
as behave like a human being in the forum to maintain the accounts in the
29. Take a long 4 column html table and convert it into a single column text
file. As it turns out this is a list of keywords, so they create a website
for each.
30. Link websites based on rules you specify, like words surrounding the
link, link text and direction of the links.
31. Cross refer an excel file containing Paypal payments, another one with
Bank Deposits and a membership list they extracted them your membership site
to determine who paid using which payment method. Do this at each month end
and email you the result.
32. Watch a video daily, determine what the video is talking about, upload
the video to multiple sites while entering the correct keywords.
33. Edit a poorly constructed sales letter using an correctly created sales
letter as template.
34. Locate the lyrics of all the songs of a CD and insert the lyrics onto
each MP3 file that you supply. (So you can sing to it while playing on your
ipod or itunes).
35. Open your facebook account, get your real friends birthdays, send them a
greeting using an email scheduling service WHILE sending you a note one day
before it happens.
36. Funny thing is, my VAs have done all the above one time or the other and
some of them aren’t even university graduates. Not even highschool
If your VA know your ultimate goal, example:” I need to fill up this seminar
hall with 60 people each paying the regular high fee.” You can get concerned
messages asking you if their efforts last weekend where able to bring in
more people. If not, they’ll keep working on promoting to get more people
in. Maybe even suggest what else to do.
One of my VAs belong to a company. After a major typhoon (that’s hurricane
for you), the electricity was expected to be out for days. The VA company
boss purchased a generator to keep the service up.
Look for more forums to promote in, websites you don’t even know exists.
If you ask for more people to work for you and your VA is a part of a VA
company or a VA family (yes, there’s such a thing, they work in one house,
they’re all related by blood) – you can ask for extra hands to work on your
rush project – with very little advance notice.
Again, if your VA belongs to a VA company, if you think your present VA is
not giving you a good performance, you can have the person sent out for
retraining and be assigned a new much more experienced VA.
Asking for advance payment. Usually a school related issue is given (their
kids) or a hospital emergency (parents?) when they ask for 2-3 days advance
on their pay.
Disappearance. They don’t report for three days in a row. Even after getting
an SMS message from you (all Filipinos have SMS capability or access to
someone who can lend them a phone if they truly want to be reached).
It turns out someone or they have been hospitalized and are just afraid to say it.
I asked them to create 3 posters based on a single one taking creative
commons images. They selected not very creative images and overlaid the
detailed filled images with the text. Result is the text can’t be read.
Really need to train them about “creative image selection” and “positioning
of text for posters for better readability”.
Jomar Hilario

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