Guy Claims 100K A Day..Is He Really Doing Arbitrage Or Just Slick Marketing?

by Joel on December 8, 2008

So if you if you haven’t heard of (I’m not linking to it because I can’t vouch for his offer yet)…… you probably will soon.  My Twitter was flooded last week with links to this guy’s site.

In a nutshell, some guy is claiming to make 50 to 100K a day doing Arbitrage.  My good friends Russell Brunson and Mike Filsaime attended his one day (by invitation) seminar where it looks like it was to drum up some hype.  People paid 10K to go to his one day deal….

I downloaded the .pdf he is offering….. read through half….. haven’t watched the video yet.  Trying to stay focused on my current project but I get the idea of what they are doing.

In fact I’ve done a TON of Arbitrage in the past with Adsense……. in the good old days when it was like printing money.

Arbitrage can work.  And I know from experience that the levels of earnings they are claiming can be archived….. BUT…… I’m very curious to know what the REAL motivation behind this is.

Back in the day when I had my Arbitrage business running in full force, the LAST thing I ever wanted to do was tell others how to do it.  Eventually, others figured it out and the party was over.

Think about it……. if you are netting 50K a day that’s over 18 million a year…… that’s your profit…… double that if you say you’re making 100K.

Do you see where I’m going with this?  I don’t care who you are……. nobody that has a system like this that is making 18 to 32 million would ever share the system……

So that leads to these conclusions….

1.  It doesn’t really work that well…… I actually believe that it DOES work.  There are systems out there that can make you thousands a day online….. but I highly doubt they are going to show you the real secrets.

2.  It used to work but not as well anymore.  The fact of the matter is Arbitrage can be a SUPER RISKY venture.  Here you are buying the cheapest traffic you can find…… which is usually the poorest quality.  The vendors see you’re sending a HUGE load of traffic but at the end of the day….. conversions don’t pay the bills…… then vendors can yank your payments or claim fraud…….. it happens all the time.

3.  It is too risky.  Possibly the risk was too great….. payments were withheld……. or traffic sources dried up…… time to turn to plan B……. sell a training package.

Now they do mention that they are starting a CPA company and perhaps it’s just a way to get a ton of people pushing CPA offers…..

But if the income claims are true……. 18 to 32 million?  Who wouldn’t be satisfied with that?  So it really makes you think…… why.


Sending CPA offers via PPC works and works well if you can figure it out……. it’s not as easy as they claim.

It will be interesting to see where this goes…….



Ok so just got this email from Mike Filsaime…… this explains why the guy is doing it…..

Hi Joel

Last year, this nice, self admitted Geeky guy sits next to me as I am about to board a bus with him and several other people going to our Maverick Business Extreme Vacation.

Now, I know every one of the “Mavericks”
are millionaires but I did not know him well.

He says,

“Hey Mike, my name is Aymen, Remember when I used to IM ( instant messenger ) you years back.”

And I actually remember this young guy that that kept telling me he was going to “make it”
in the business.

So I just assumed he made it, but I had no idea HOW much.

He is very humble and never let me know just how well he was doing.


Well, he:

– PROFITS over $50,000 to $100,000 PER DAY
– has some of the most downloaded apps on Facebook
– had over 50 Million Facebook users download his apps
– has dozens of Stanford Grad programmers he pays over
$100k – $150k per year.

So a few months ago he and I spoke on the phone and he told me he was going to share his information with the I.M. Community.

I asked him “WHY”

He told me that he did not like much of the confusing information being given to the market and that he has more money than he can spend and he wants to help others get the knowledge that he did not have.

Aymen is not one to brag.

He does not want fame.

He does NOT want to be a GURU.

In fact, Yanik Silver has asked him MANY MANY times to speak at his UNDERGROUND event and many times Aymen has said “No.” as he is just not comfortable with the lime light on him.

So Aymen and I talked. I was happy that he had asked me as well as some other marketers for the best way to share this.

Well, recently he had a PRIVATE event for 100 of the top marketers in the industry that went over his marketing strategy.

It was in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel and he spoke to a JAM PACKED room of marketers that were blown away with what he shared.

Well, now he is not only giving away a FREE report about his marketing, but he is also doing a live call for you that you MUST make.

Please make sure to get his report now
and get on this call as well.

There are not many people I know (if any) that make $100k per day in profit so you really need to learn from him.


Mike Filsaime

PS – This call may not be replayed so make sure to register now

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